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One feature of running your own server is that you are responsible for keeping it up to date. This isn't a particularly onerous task but it does need to be done periodically. First

Micronetia vs Competitors

I mentioned the Micronetia project on Larry Sanger's decentralization forum and was asked there how it compared to a device called "Helm". TL;DRIn summary it's quite a similar idea. Certainly we are

Adding Comments

One of the problems with Ghost is that it doesn't support commenting natively. There are plenty of options to add commenting from various commercial and/or ad funded services such as disqus. That

Handling the Load

So yesterday two Micronetia hosted sites were "Instalanched" thanks to two different instapundit contributors posting links to them. This site was one and it handled the load just fine. The summary stats are

Adding a Chat Server

Adding a Chat Server

OK so you have your Pi running, hosting a blog, and you want to do more. What can you do? One obvious and easy answer is to add a chat server and there's

Micronetia Setup

Here's how to set up your own personal micronetia system, hosted where ever is convenient to you but visible to everyone in the world that you want to allow to visit. If you