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Setting up Cloudflare

The final step is Setting up Cloudflare to proxy traffic to your pi. It requires running another script on your pi and a couple of browser tabs. The script is run by doing

Setting Up Ghost

When you go to or whatever the local IP address is of your pi you'll see a screen like this Click on "Create Your Account" and then

Installing Ghost

Once the pi has booted, we need to check everything is working. The first thing to check is that it has the IP address you expected. Use ping to check that it is

Creating a Cloudflare Account

You will need to have a browser tab logged into your domain registrar for this. In a new tab go to and enter your email and a password

Creating Network Config

Once you have flashed the image, you need to create the file that will give your pi its initial IP address - if you don't it will get a DHCP address, this is