January 29, 2021

SSH Clients

The one fundamental pre-requisite to set up a pi for the micronetia project is that you have an SSH client.

On Apple Macs and Linux machines ones is built in to the OS, so you just open a terminal window and then do "ssh ...".

For windows there are a variety of options. You can use the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and get a similar experience to a linux PC but that's probably overkill unless you plan to use it for something else. There are various free SSH clients like putty that can be installed and Microsoft also has SSH Client as an optional piece of software that can be installed by going to Settings the Apps/Optional Features and selecting OpenSSH Client (lots of info on this here).

If you have a tablet or similar there are numerous SSH clients in the various app stores available for free. This includes chromebooks and, in theory, if you have the chrome browser on a windows PC you can install the same chrome app to get SSH that way.

Be sure to check that the SSH app you choose has a lot of positive reviews, lots of downloads and doesn't appear to be filled with ads or crap (the 1* reviews will tend to tell you if it does). Termius is one that I have used in the past with success. Recently though I found a raspberry pi specific app that works very nicely for me when monitoring multiple pis.