Netcfg Generator

Use this form to create a netcfg.txt config file (and possibly a wpa_supplicant.conf too) for your pi image

Step 1. Enter Network Config

Put in the desired static IP address/mask and default gateway. Then click "Generate"

If you have a pi with wifi (pi zeroW, pi 3+ or pi 4) you can set the intrerface type to wifi and then set an SSID and PSK secret.

Note: the pi will only use one interface (eth0 or wlan0) for the first boot. DNS server IPs should be split by spaces

Ethernet or Wifi
IP address/mask (e.g. Not validated
Default Gateway (e.g. Not validated
DNS Server (e.g. Not validated

Step 2. Save Config Files

The netcfg.txt config file to be downloaded will be generated here:

Save to netcfg.txt on the /boot partition of the SD card you just installed the pi firmware on